Monday, May 24, 2010

FINAL MODEL 1/16" = 1' : 0"

Our final model...
-Grand Corner Entrance
-235,000 Total Square Feet
-Height = 653 Feet
-40 levels, including street, 1st terrace, upper terrace and roof.
-Public Space - Street level to 2nd Level
-Office Space - 3rd to 32nd Level
-Residential Space - 33rd to 37th Level
-Public Roof Garden
-Full Glazing on East and North facades
-10 Skycourts/Communal Spaces
-Fully-operable, ventilation, sash walls on South facade
-Two multi-story wind scoops
-Solar Orientation
-Core Circulation on West Facade
-Vertical Landscaping
-Natural Lighting

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